Get Professional, Certified, Licensed, Insured Pet Sitters for daily on-site pet care.

Pet Sitters Cape Town (PSCT) was established in 2009 and we currently have more than 65 certified pet sitters that serve the greater Cape Town area. The Stellenbosch team has been a part of the company since 2011 and the current owner has officially been registered as a fully Licensed Business Partner since February 2015.

Here are a few key features of why you should get a PSCT certified pet sitter to look after your pet:
      • PSCT provides “at your home” pet care which includes all your pets
      • No packing, no kennel cough, no special vaccinations, no change in routine, no worries
      • Safe lock-up-and-go service. Your pets stay in their own home, while we do the travelling
      • Cuddles, playtime & feeding with all personal, tailor-made pet care assignments
      • We provide PEACE of MIND, while you take a break away from your furry family
      • All pet sitters are trained, licensed, certified, insured and accountable for their service and conduct
      • We administer medication, including injections for cats and dogs
      • You can interview us for free during a “Meet & Greet”

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