Meet Michelle Butler, Primary Business Partner for the Stellenbosch area.

I did the occasional pet sit from the mid-2000s until December 2011, when I became part of the PSCT family. In December 2014 the previous Business Partner for Stellenbosch retired, and in February 2015 I officially took over the reins as the Primary Business Partner for the whole Stellenbosch and surrounding areas. I completed the certification training with flying colours. Since then, pet sitting has been my full-time profession, although doing what you love does not really count as work.


Photo of Michelle Butler
Michelle Butler


Being part of PSCT means extensive monthly training sessions, additional courses (First Aid for Pets, Leash training, etc) and continued development of the business and pet care skills needed to provide 100% peace of mind to pet owners who leave their pets in our care. This has paid off, as I have gained more than 120 registered customers, with new customers frequently joining the ranks of satisfied pet owners. My team of Express Sitters are also qualified, certified and registered pet sitters.

We will continue to give our best service in order to assure our clients’ peace of mind when they leave their furry family and their homes in our care.