To extend our expertise, we are registered and accredited with Pet Sitters International ( in the USA. Together with PSI’s 20 years of expertise and ongoing guidance, we have become a leading choice of Pet Sitting and Home Care in South Africa. We provide peace of mind, reassurance and a professional approach to all our pet care assignments, which include Pets, Plants, Pool, Post, Poop and Perimeters checks.

What is an Accredited Pet Sitter?

Pet Sitters International’s Certification Program is in-depth educational coursework that has been tailored exclusively for pet sitters. The curriculum includes topics on Pet Care, Health & Nutrition, Additional Services and Business & Office Procedures. The coursework was developed with input from the most knowledgeable professionals in the pet care industry to provide the best in pet education to our pet sitter members.

Peace of mind

You can rest assured that your Pet Sitters Cape Town pet sitter has been rigorously tested on companion animal care and passed all tests required to be a PSI Certified Petsitter.

What do you get with a PSI Accredited Pet Sitter?

When you engage the services of a PSI Certified Pet Sitter, you are also gaining access to someone with the in-depth knowledge and skills necessary for providing superior in-home pet care. This program was developed by PSI exclusively for its members.

What coursework does a PSI Certified Pet Sitter do?

The coursework was created to promote high industry standards and provide a continuing education curriculum to keep accredited pet sitters at the forefront of modern pet care practices. The Certification and Business Program is designed to provide a complete and well-rounded educational experience for a professional pet sitter. To become accredited, the pet sitter must master and exhibit a active working knowledge of caring for pets of all species, from cats and dogs to reptiles, amphibians, and more. Pet Sitters Cape Town has completed all the educational requirements as well as over 11000 successful pet care assignments in 2010. A PSI Certified Pet Sitter has also acquired the knowledge to run an efficient, effective pet-sitting business, with future planning and disaster management as part of the Certification process.