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Rates in square brackets: Seasonal/holiday fee (travel levy excluded) for all public holidays, Easter time and high season starting 15 November and ending 15 January. Availability may be limited during these times. 

Please note: Travel levy applicable at R3.5 per km travelled (R7 calculated for both ways).

Visitation times may vary during high season and holidays due to increased service volumes.

Client details

Please note! If you cannot type your address into Google Maps to see your home, we also cannot find you!

If you stay at any non-residential address, like farms, smallholdings, etc., then it is extremely important to supply us with precise GPS coordinates as a quote cannot be completed without calculating the distance needed for travelling. If GPS coordinates for a non-charted address are not supplied, your request will not be given top priority when requests and service volumes are high. Where road access to your home is also not clear, please include brief instructions at the comment section at the end of this form.

Click on the map to open the GPS finder.
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Once there, use the map that looks like the one shown here.
Zoom in on the area (1), drag the map and repeat until you have located your home. Make sure you cannot zoom any more.
Click on the map to place a pin exactly on your home. You can use the satellite view supplied to make sure you are accurate, as your pinned location will be in the centre of the satellite view.
Copy the location below the "Lat Long" section (2) and paste it in our registration form at "GPS Coordinates".

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Needed for a Quote, but may change upon confirmation if needed.
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Pet details
Please specify your kinds of pets. Also elaborate if you have if more than 5 pets.
Please mention medication, ailments, home security issues or anything else the sitter need to take note of regarding this service. More information is better.


We primarily provide pet care within the marked area (click map to enlarge).
If possible, we will be happy to assist even if you need pet care outside this area.

However, if we are unavailable or unable to assist due to distance, we will forward your
request to Pet Sitters Cape Town, a professional group with only certified pet sitters.