All our services are covered for up to R5 million by OUTsurance. Our primary aim is total peace of mind for every pet owner during every pet care assignment. Please keep reading, or click on a link to jump to a section:

1. What we offer

We have a range of services. One or a combination of these may suit your specific needs.

  • Standard service: You can arrange for one or more daily visits per day. The standard service takes about 15 – 25 minutes, depending on the needs (see “What is included” below) as well as the time of year (seasonal availability).
  • Extended stay-in services: If you need longer supervision, you can choose between our nightly Sleep-over service, our Day-over service during business hours or our premium Full Stay Package which includes both.
  • Walks: There are two reasons why dog-walking is a separate service.
    • We want to give your dogs enough exercise, which adds an amount of extra time making it impossible to fit it into the standard service time.
    • More importantly, our insurance unfortunately only covers incidents which occur on the client’s physical premises. As soon as we set foot outside your yard with your pets, there is a risk to us as well as your pets, which is not covered by our primary insurance.
  • We also assist with emergency medical visits to the veterinarian.

For our rates and to request a quote, please go to Request a Quote.

2. What is included

All our Services include the following (where applicable):

For the pets
  • Daily pet health check (Head to tail)
  • Daily entry & exit of the property
  • Refresh food and water in clean bowls daily
  • General petting and play as required
  • Administration of medication, vitamins, or other special needs* as required – First Aid available
  • Cat litter box and rodent cage maintenance
  • Indoor clean-up of any pet accidents

Please note that Walks are an additional service (see “What we offer” above)

For the owner
  • Post & news-paper retrieval
  • Adjustment of lights, blinds and curtains
  • Poop pick-up daily before owner returns
  • Perimeter checks & alarm arming
  • Plant watering indoors as required, outdoor on request only
  • Putting out and in of trash bins
  • Electricity checks (Fridge/geyser/alarm/pool)
  • Daily exit WhatsApp/SMS message for client peace of mind
  • General household & pet emergencies
  • Preferential holiday bookings for existing clients

3. Seasonal rates

Due to the immense increase in demands and limited availability on public holidays, during Easter and the summer’s high season, our rates will have an increase of 20% during these times.

4. Meet & Greet

Before pet care starts for any new client, we will first come and meet you and your pets to ensure 3-way compatibility. Our comprehensive questionnaire will help us to understand as much as possible about your pets’ routine and habits, in order to relieve anxiety for all parties – pets included.

5. Making payments

All payments are strictly in advance and are to be settled before the commencement of any assignment.

  • No VAT is payable.
  • Agreement to be completed before payment.
  • No cheques or credit cards accepted.
  • EFT payments in advance, or cash payments accepted on key hand-over.

6. Where to from here?

To date, all our pet care assignments have been successful, with little or no change to your pet’s stress levels or behaviour, only an increase in appreciations for each other when you return home. If you like what you see and want to book our services, the fastest way to get started is to request a quote. If you are unsure about anything, feel free to contact us.